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11/03/2019Pastor Rocky "A Bout with Doubt II" (BoutwithDoubt2.m4a)
Strategies of Satan Genesis 3:5-7
It is imperative for God's people to know the methods of Satan.
BoutwithDoubt2.m4a Download BoutwithDoubt2.m4a
07/14/2019Pastor Rocky "A Changed Life" (A_Changed_Life.mp3)
Worship Service 1 Timothy 1:12-17
The proof is in the pudding, a changed life.
July 14 Outline.pdf Download July 14 Outline.pdf
Download A_Changed_Life.mp3
07/26/2020Pastor Rocky "Be a Critical Thinker" (CriticalThinker.MOV)
First John Series 1 John 4:1-6
We are commanded to love God with all our hearts, soul and MIND.
“Be a Critical Thinker” Outline.pdf Download “Be a Critical Thinker” Outline.pdf
10/20/2019Pastor Rocky "Being more like Jesus & less of you" (BeingmorelikeJesus.m4a)
Worship Service Philippians 2:12-18
Pauls' encouragement for the church
BeingmorelikeJesus.m4a Download BeingmorelikeJesus.m4a
06/24/2018Pastor Rocky "Children of the Kingdom" (ChildrenoftheKingdom.mp3)
Worship Service Matthew 18:-1-6
Investing in young lives to make an impact.
Download ChildrenoftheKingdom.mp3
05/26/2019Pastor Rocky "Count The Cost" (CountingThe_Cost.mp3)
Worship Service Luke 9:57-62
The cost of following Christ; bitter sweet.
May 26 Sermon Notes.pdf Download May 26 Sermon Notes.pdf
Download CountingThe_Cost.mp3

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