Date: 28/11/2022
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The Work of Satan

I have been preaching/teaching on the "Strategies of Satan" for the past several weeks at the church I serve, although it's not the first time I've done this. This certainly is by far the most I've witnessed the works of darkness at work in our world. Not only in my circle of family, friends and church but outside as well. 

    As I began this Sermon Series I always warn the people to be on the alert because Satan will try everything and anything to distract them from the things of God and even God Himself. Not to my surprise many come to me with real life situations of distractions and while this is never the intention some people walk away from God. (If you can imagine that…) My intention in preaching along these lines are to prepare God's people in how Satan comes at us, being able to recognize this and being able to fight back. 

    The tragedy that took place in Orlando is the work of Satan, for so many lives to be destroyed and many more effected in this horrific way could be none other than the work of the Devil. For Christians and certainly as a Pastor we may not believe in nor stand for the lifestyle but never to the extent of a Mass Murder. As a Christian, we love people, we may not agree with a lifestyle but we love the people. We do not have to agree on the same ethical morals but to commit murder against those who choose to live different is unacceptable and wicked in itself. 

    Let us pray for all those affected, and specifically pray for the salvation and transformation of people who do not know God through Jesus Christ.

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