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04/22/2018Pastor Rocky Giving: As an Act of Worship.
Worship Service 2 Corinthians 9:6:15
Did you know that Giving/Tithing is an act of worship?
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04/15/2018Drama Team The Struggle is Real
Worship Service
Drama presentation.
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04/08/2018Pastor Rocky The Result of The Resurrection: A Spiritual Resurrection!
Worship Service Acts 2:37-47
The "real" meaning of Easter is The Resurrection"
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04/01/2018Pastor Rocky So, what's so good about "Good Friday?" Son-Day!
Worship Service 1 Corinthians 15:1-11
What was so good about "Good Friday" was the Resurrection!
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03/25/2018Pastor Rocky "What's So Good About Good Friday?"
Worship Service John 19:28-30
Culture has been hearing about "Good Friday" forever BUT what's so good about it?
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03/18/2018Pastor Rocky "You cannot put Jesus in a box"
Worship Service Matthew 21:1-11
You cannot come to God and His Word with presuppositions, instead let Him speak to you on His terms and in His own way.
Download YoucannotputJesusinabox.mp3

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