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02/11/2018Pastor Rocky God is Love: When True Love acted.
Worship Service John 3:16-17
Many people look for love in all the wrong places, things and people. God is Love
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02/04/2018Pastor Rocky Why Church?
Worship Service Selected Scriptures
Why should I go to church, can't I be a Christian without going to church?
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01/28/2018Pastor Rocky No More Excuses: Forward4Jesus
No More Excuses Series Luke 9:57-62
Where are our priorities?
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01/21/2018Pastor Rocky No More Excuses: Stop Running from God.
No more excuses Series Jonah Selected Scriptures
There's a rebel in us all, our choice is to obey God or try to run from Him.
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01/14/2018Pastor Rocky No More Excuses: Not even when I blown it.
No more excuses Series Selected Scriptures
Some people hold on to their failures and allow them to old them back.
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01/07/2018Pastor Rocky No More Excuses: forget the past.
No more excuses Series Acts 7:9-16
If there were ever someone to not move forward based on their ugly past, it would be this character.
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