Calvary Oak Cliff exist to glorify God, both personally and corporately. Also teaching others to do likewise through the proclamation of God's Word, that is preaching, teaching and applying God's Truth to our lives. Furthermore, we aim to be intentional in our Evangelism through many different facets to reach the lost in our community for Christ. Moreover, we aim to glorify God in and through the process of disciple making, that is, bringing them to a point whereas their faith is demonstrated in their daily lives, and teaching them the disciplines of service to God, to each other and to others in the community. Finally, we exist to equip the people of God for His service and to His glory through sound biblical teaching, hands on ministry which leads to servant leaders being developed in and for the Kingdom of God as well as for our community.

Also, we are a diverse congregation and hope to become more diverse as time goes by, remembering that one day all nations, all tongues, all people will  be together celebrating our God in His presence forevermore.