10th street in Oak Cliff holds the record of having the highest density of churches of any street in the nation. Calvary Baptist has been at the western gateway of that historic street since the sanctuary's construction in 1924. Unfortunately, only seven of the 25+ churches that have inhabited 10th Street remain on the street and several of the historic buildings have been demolished.

Calvary Baptist of Oak Cliff has a history of community involvement. The church has historically been extensively involved in missionary work both locally and around the world. In 1933 and 1934 Calvary hosted Tyler Street Methodist while they renegotiated their loan. In 2005 the church housed Hurricane Katrina victims. In addition to the Calvary Oak Cliff congregation, Calvary's buildings have recently housed the historic Oak Cliff Christian Church and Iglesia Christiana La Roca and currently hosts Iglesia Alianza de Dallas and Iglesia Bautista Arcadia Park.

The church would like to expand and continue that involvement. Part of that committment includes restoring the buildings such that they more faithfully represent the original design, so that they act as an attractive landmark in the community, and so that they function for the current needs of the community.

Building History

The sanctuary building was constructed in 1924. The three story building had a fellowship hall and classrooms on the ground floor, sanctuary main seating on the 2nd floor, and a balcony on the 3rd floor. It had Greek columns and ballustrade across the front of the church. The sanctuary had a wrap-around balcony and was graced with a beautiful tin coffered ceiling, acorn lights, and ceiling fans. The class rooms, hallways, and entries also had tin tile ceilings. The windows were "obscure" glass and designed to open for ventilation in the pre-airconditioning era.

In 1929 the church began construction of a three story education building on the back (south side) of the sanctuary. Because of the Great Depression, this education building, later named "Barnett Hall", was not completed until 1937. In 1954 a new 3 story education building was added about 17 feet east of the Sanctuary.

In 1964 a major remodel was performed on the sanctuary building to make it look more "contemporary". The original Greek style columns were hidden behind a concrete screen. The original tin ceilings were hidden behind drop, accoustic tile ceilings (see pictures below.) The lighing fixtures were replaced by 2'x4' flourescent fixtures and dimmable cans. And the hammered glass windows were replaced by stained glass windows.


Calvary Oak Cliff exist to glorify God, both personally and corporately and teaching others to do likewise through the proclamation of God's Word, that is preaching, teaching and applying God's Truth to our lives. Furthermore, we aim to be intentional in our Evangelism through many different facets to reach the lost in our community for Christ. Moreover, we aim to glorify God in and through the process of disciple making, that is, bringing people to a point whereas their faith is demonstrated in their daily lives, and teaching them the disciplines of service to God, to each other and to others in the community. Finally, we exist to equip the people of God for His service and to His glory through sound biblical teaching, hands on ministry which leads to servant leaders being developed in and for the Kingdom of God as well as for our community. WE ARE A DISCIPLE MAKING CHURCH.

Also, we are a diverse congregation and hope to become more diverse as time goes by, remembering that one day all nations, all tongues, all people will  be together celebrating our God in His presence forevermore.